Royal Society of Sculptors

Transforming A London Landmark

The Royal British Society of Sculptors was feeling left behind. The likes of the Royal Academy had already introduced contemporary branding which felt at one with their rich history. With a new Director at the helm with a vision for the Society to compete on the contemporary arts scene, eighteen73 was brought on board to revitalise everything from branding to marketing. 

The Brief

To reposition an arts institution to attract more visitors and grow membership.

Our Services

  • Branding & Design
  • Website
  • Marketing

A Modern Brand Identity

We advised dropping the ‘British’, which the late Queen approved, and then created a bold brand focused on shape, form and colour. In application across print and online, it’s a balancing act. The look and feel is designed to let the sculpture do the talking whilst still being distinctive and easily recognisable as the Society. This fresh approach has helped catapult the Society onto London’s cultural map. 

Destination Website For The Arts

With a clean, elevated and creative look, the website promotes the exhibitions and events programme, showcases the portfolios of their 650+ members and invites membership applications.

Behind the scenes, a secure members’ area facilitates networking and information sharing, building a strong artistic community. Members can easily update their portfolios and list their gallery shows around the UK and beyond.

Built in Drupal, the intuitive Content Management System makes it easy to refresh content and add new pages, such as residency and awards opportunities.

Print Collateral With A Striking Edge 

The theme of shape and form flows through the Society’s print collateral. Unique cutting and folding techniques ensure their 3D business cards, private view invites and visitor leaflets always have a distinctive edge. 

Business Card
Polly Morgan Poster
Leaflets designed with a custom angled finish

Collateral for First Plinth Award Winner, Polly Morgan’s exhibition, 2022

Marketing Partner

We drafted and delivered the Society’s first marketing strategy back in 2017 and have stayed together ever since! From copywriting to campaign management, we’re here for it. And we look after every exhibition, providing a full suite of materials, including private view invites, show catalogues, promotional posters, leaflets and exhibition graphics.

Illustration of Dora House

Supporting A £1m Fundraiser

The Saving Dora House campaign successfully raised £1m to restore the Society’s historic HQ. Read about our role in making this happen.

Why We Love

Royal Society of Sculptors

It’s really rewarding to be part of the Society’s drive to become a leading centre for sculpture and 3D art. They thrive on collaboration and are always ready to push boundaries, presenting us with the perfect opportunity to stretch our creative muscles ever further.

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